East Lansing is at it again, taking away traffic lanes for bicycle lanes. It's a trend that's been going on for two decades as the city restricts passenger traffic to accommodate bicycle traffic on a major thoroughfare.

WILX.com is reporting that the most recent closure of Harrison Road is to reduce its four lanes of traffic to one lane each direction northbound and southbound with a center turn lane. This will allow for bike lanes to be installed on each shoulder.

This latest project is, reportedly, another four weeks, or so, of Harrison Road being closed in this area. The roadway, and Michigan Avenue, have seen multiple lane and road closures in the same area over recent construction seasons.

Expect an even slower and congested drive through the heart of East Lansing once the project is complete. Meanwhile, bicyclists have, pretty much, every single roadway in the city to their right-of-way...even the numerous side streets adjacent to the main drags that all lead ot the same point.

For more details on the project, visit this link to WILX.com.

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