My friend Spencer Reynolds posted this on Facebook.

It's been a while since Mrs. Pants and i went there but we used to LOVE it. We would always go for Mexican Fried Ice Cream. My friend Spencer said he thought they had the best wet burrito in the area. This Saturday is the last hurrah!

I swear, at some places the food looks like poop. I guess if you cut out the middleman it makes digestion easier?

So, where is the best place left in Lansing for Authentic Mexican Cuisine?

Or better yet, if you could open one Lansing Restaurant for one day, what would it be?

I have a top 3. The categories include: Sit down, Mexican and Fast food.

#1 Bill Knapp's. Good God, just one day, PLEASE????

#2 Chi-Chi's. That place was so awesome you can still buy their corn chips.

#3. Hot N' Now. Born in Holt in 1984.  There still is one in Sturgis, MI though.

Courtesy of Spencer Reynolds
Photo courtesy of Central Michigan Life