Go ahead and try to explain that our society is not going crazy.

Reason.com reported that a 13-year-old Maryland boy kissed a 14-year-old girl on a dare from his friends, and the police are charging the boy with second degree assault.

Yes, the boy should be punished.

Yes, it was wrong for him to kiss the girl without consent.

ABC News reported that the "girl, an eighth grader," told police that the suspect, also an eighth grader, "grabbed her by her shirt near her stomach, pulled her toward him and 'open-mouth kissed her with his tongue.'"

Does that change things greatly?

Is that going too far?

Is that deserving of a second degree assault charge?

By the way, the police report did state that no one was injured in the incident.

Now, boys do crazy things, and they should be held accountable for those “things,” but this in my opinion is going too far.

Do you believe this is going too far?

How about detention, extra homework, or a stern talking to?

How about the teacher or principal having a discussion with the boy about boundaries and then asking his parents to have that same discussion.

How about we ask the girl what his punishment should be?

What would you say to your 13-year-old son?

You see, in the real world, there are boys who like girls and girls who like boys. We were kind of made that way, thank God. Oh, sorry if I offended anyone for mentioning the word God, oh shoot, I mentioned it again. I better stop before the "I hate religion" extremist come after me.

We need to take our country and society back from these extremist. Would you agree?

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