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The whole notion that somehow Kim Davis the Rowan County Kentucky Clerk who refused to do her job by issuing marriage licenses is being attacked for being a Christian is utter non-sense. The truth is Davis is refusing to do the job she was elected to perform and refusing an order by a federal judge as well. She is wrong, period. Claiming it is religious persecution is a non-starter.

Davis, who herself has been married four times, apparently issues marriages licenses to people getting married for the second, third or fourth time. This too flies in the face of Biblical principal which does not condone divorce in any fashion.

For the likes of Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz that are trying to equate her detention as Christian persecution are only making such silly comments in the misguided idea that it will help them win an upcoming primary. Neither will win any contest and I wonder if either one will win a single delegate.

Let me put it a different way to illustrate the problems with her argument. What if a Christian approached the county clerk to get a concealed pistol license and the clerk is a Quaker? Quakers are Christians and are also avowed pacifists; therefore denying a concealed weapons permit would be consistent with their beliefs. Would that be appropriate? What if a clerk claimed a religious belief to deny a marriage license to a mixed race couple? You see randomly ignoring the law by claiming a religious authority in this case just doesn’t pass the logic test or the liberty test.

In this case, if Ms. Davis could not do her job based on her faith, which I respect, then she should have stepped down. Her incarceration is of her own doing and choosing.

And speaking of the incarceration being of her own doing and choosing it is also important to note that she is a dye in the wool Democrat. Surprised? Or did you already know that? Makes you wonder if the whole thing is a political stunt aimed at embarrassing Republicans. I mean how else can you explain her hard core party affiliation. Either way she should be in jail for no doing the job she was lawfully elected to perform.