Ken Wissner, Sandler Trainer.


Sandler training - Sales Mastery






Steve Gruber: I won't bore you with all the details are just say we've gone three for three after that and life is good in the studio with me Ken Wissner From Sandler Ken? How are you?
Ken Wissner: Hey, good morning, Steve. How are you?

Steve Gruber: Good. Make sure you speak right into that beep be loud and proud.

Ken Wissner: Thank you I will

Steve Gruber: So I think everybody that's been in business for a number of years. You did it. You are a builder for a number of years, but the thing that people struggle with is, all right, how do I get the next customer? How do I get the next sale? How do I make sure that you know next year? Maybe I've grown a little bit and I was a skeptic but what you guys I do.


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