As time goes on, ransomware becomes more and more of a threat to businesses. We should know, as a few years our company was the victim of the same crime and it cause WEEKS of chaos and confusion, almost losing all of our digital elements. Recently Kellogg Community College had been having some issues with their tech, which they announced was a ransomware attack, in a recent post:

Since our last update yesterday, we have learned that the technology issues we have been experiencing were caused by a ransomware attack that continues to affect our systems. We have been working with our IRT experts to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. As we are investigating this incident, all campuses will remain closed until further notice, and we are canceling classes until we are able to reopen safely. We are hoping to welcome our students and faculty back later this week.
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They went on to explain that they'll be closing to further protect themselves and the students from potential threats while they further investigate:
Our investigation is still in its early stages, and we will share updates as soon as we learn more. Out of an abundance of caution and to further secure our network, we are initiating a forced password reset for all students, faculty and staff. We want to reassure our faculty and students that we will take any actions necessary for students to complete course work in a timely manner and appreciate your patience and support in the meantime.

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