Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine quietly cancelled a campaign rally in the critical swing state of Florida and nobody seemed to notice or care. Kaine was supposed to hold a rally in Sarasota, Friday but the event was ‘cancelled’ without explanation on Hillary Clinton’s website. It merely said ‘sorry for any convenience.’

It may reflect on the thirty people or so that turned out for a Tim Kaine event earlier this week that drew plenty of mocking and insults from in the social media world. Kaine has proven himself to be of little or no value to the Clinton campaign. He was seen laughing and carrying on while Clinton suffered a coughing attack earlier this year. He has routinely had sparse unenthusiastic crowds and was widely panned during his faceoff with Republican VP nominee Governor Mike Pence. Even those staunchly anti-Trump forces agreed that Governor Pence was the clear winner of the VP debate.

Many pundits consider Kaine to be a lightweight in the political arena who was most likely picked because he would not take any attention away from Hillary Clinton.

Well, if that was the plan it is certainly working. “Hey everyone Senator Tim Kaine is here,” to which no one cared.

Ok then.