A man born of Italian immigrants during the Great Depression in America who pursued a career in the law and rose to the pinnacle of his profession is being decried at a man whose name does not deserve to be on a liberal law school.

Antonin Scalia died in February after a career on the Supreme Court that lasted nearly 30 years. He was a man who believed in the principles of our nations founders and the principles laid out in the US Constitution. He believed in the freedom of speech, religion and the individual right to self preservation found in the 2nd Amendment.

For his beliefs in this nation, it’s founders and it’s founding documents Antonin Scalia is now the target of the rabid liberal mob. They are trying to deny the man a legacy with his name being memorialized at an East Coast university.

Scalia’s name will soon adorn the law school at George Mason University. Unless the progressive thought police can shut it down first. This major announcement came a few days ago when the GMU acknowledged it had $30 million dollars pledged to the school from an anonymous donor. The donation comes with a few stipulations of course. It is the largest gift to George Mason University ever and the Board of Visitors quickly accepted it. That’s when the liberal backlash began. Several professors went apoplectic and scores of students have launched an attack on the legacy of the man who was a steadfast conservative lion and a staunch defender of the Constitution.

How dare you believe in America.

This is what happens when our colleges and universities are turned into petri dishes of liberaism or worse, Marxist principals and thoughts. We have allowed a generation of hippies to tell our kids that America is the enemy. We have allowed these degenerates to tell our kids that believing in the very things that created this country is radical thinking. They believe it’s radical to teach the principals of the US Constitution? Yes, and much much worse. They teach that our nation is evil and the root of nearly all problems in the world today. Our kids have been gobbling up this poison for decades and we are seeing the end result.

Over my lifetime I have watched teachers in primary schools gradually lose all control of their classrooms because we don’t want to offend anyone. A teacher in grade school, middle school or high school cannot even take control of their own classroom for risk of getting sued or worse getting labeled a racist or some other progressive catch phrase of the day. How many teachers are facing lawsuits because they tried to restrain unruly rude or dangerous students? How many teachers have been fired because they have stood up for all the other kids who suffer from the disruptions that have become all too common? It is time to take back our school from these radicals. I mean how well are the kids doing in these schools anyway? Test scores keep going down year after year. Teachers Unions keep demanding more and more for it’s members when often times our kids are getting the short end of the stick.

College campuses are no longer a place for a market of free ideas but more often a place free of any ideas except those that the left deems acceptable. We have safe spaces so our fragile progeny can promote liberalism. But there is no space for those with conservative ideas. Conservative speakers are routinely run off when the progressive mob mobilizes to shout down anyone who dares to have an independent thought.

Comedians don’t even go to college campuses anymore either. You see liberals as a general rule aren’t funny and don’t have sense of humor and they don’t take kindly to those who are or that make fun of other people- unless of course they are attacking white people and Christians. Everyone else is in a protected class. Therefore all of the really good comedians are banned from appearing on almost every college campus in the country.

We are headed to a place where I fear the smell of burning books will waft through the air. The thought police are headed to your house after they are finished at the schoolhouse, I can assure you of that. That is one point that liberalism fails to teach it’s next generation of the indoctrinated. If it attacks the rights of those they disagree with, it is only a matter of time until their rights will also become a target for others to shoot at.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that the professional progressive anti- America movement is focused on denouncing a great man and great American like Antonin Scalia. I hope George Mason University will defy the odds and stick to it’s principals when it comes to naming it’s law school for a man who gave his life to jurisprudence.

It is my hope that justice will not be denied.