Aurelius Road between Miller Road and Jolly Road has been closed for a couple of weeks now due to a resurfacing project. For anyone who normally travels through the Jolly Road and Aurelius Road intersection, you also know that the road construction crew has been working on that area for a few days now and have some 'BUMP' signs up to warn motorists about the uneven pavement. Well, now it looks like we've come to the point of the road construction that is going to close that intersection completely.

According to information posted on the City of Lansing Public Service Department Facebook page, there's been intermittent lane closures at the Jolly Road and Aurelius Road intersection since June 18th. HOWEVER--here's a big heads up for--this morning on my way in to work the big digital signs said that the intersection would be CLOSED starting at 5 am on Wednesday, June 24th. For anyone who normally travels through that area, hang in there because they say that the resurfacing project is supposed to be done by Wednesday, July 1st.

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