John McGuire, former Navy Seal, Virginia state legislator and candidate for Congress VA-07 against Abigail Spanberger.


He Proposed “Jack Wilson Act” to Repeal Ban on Firearms in VA Churches. VA is currently ground zero for the fight against gun control.


Steve Gruber: John welcome to the program.

John McGuire: Hey, good morning. Thanks for having me.

Steve Gruber: Good to have you here so much. I'd like to ask you today with everything that's going on in the world. But let's start with this on the jack Wilson act tell me in Virginia right now. You've got a dozen new gun control measures that are being put forth by the governor and those Democrats in your state house. How do you expect anything like this to get any traction?

John McGuire: You know, we've had what 90 Second Amendment rallies or something like that in Virginia and you know, a lot of people say that these rallies are a waste of time but the not because the government of the People by the people for the people and sending a message that you know our rights, you know, we need to protect our freedom and you have two things have a right you have a privilege a privilege be taken away. But our Second Amendment rights are right our god-given rights protect ourselves. So, you know, this bill may not pass this test.action, obviously, we're outnumbered the Democrats have the House and Senate.

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