Are workers staying on the job longer because they're stuck in a rut or are they just happy with their job?

That's the big question following the release of a new federal report on the rate of people moving from one job to another.  The statistics show that in 2012, Americans stayed 4.6 years on a job on average before moving on to another company.   That compares with those who changed work an average of once every three and a half years back in 1983.

But do the numbers relfect people just losing hope of finding something better or are they happy longer with the status quo?  Some speculate that while most aren't jumping up and down over their current job assignment, at least they have a job and are unwilling to leave it behind for what certainly will be a loss of seniority and possibly job security.

Others claim requirements for moving up the company "ladder" or jumping to another firm takes too much time and effort these days--especiallty in the area of training-- and many have become complacent with just getting by.