Jessica Ditto is the Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of White House Communications. Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative. The W-GDP is the first whole-of-government effort to advance global women’s economic empowerment. The initiative, spearheaded by Ivanka Trump, seeks to reach 50 million women in the developing world by 2025 through U.S. government activities, private- public partnerships, and a new, innovative fund.

Steve Gruber: The W-GDP and its the first whole-of-government effort to advance Global women's economic empowerment in the voice behind. This is Ivanka Trump, correct?
Jessica Ditto: That's correct. And it should have the president announced last year in his State of the Union Address,
Steve Gruber: right? So here we go again with Ivanka doing important things. She was one of the big people and voices behind prison reform. And the in the release of Alice Johnson and you see Jared and in his work involved in the Middle East peace initiative and would trade with China. I think these two are the secret weapon for this president. What are your thoughts?
Jessica Ditto: Absolutely Jared also was key and getting Canada and Mexico to come to an agreement on USMC a which we managed to get Congress to pass at the end of last year and signed into law this year. So there's things that the two of them. are doing

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