Jeff Ferry is Chief Economist at the Coalition for a Prosperous America, responsible for building CPA’s resources of original research and analysis regarding trade and industrial policies to reestablish America’s prosperity and world-leading economic growth. Jeff is an experienced.


U.S. Trade Deficit Shrinks to Smallest in Three Years


Steve Gruber: Jeff welcome back.
Jeff Ferry: Thank Steve. It's great to be here this morning.
Steve Gruber: I mean listening to folks all over the economic World yesterday people chiming in the news couldn't be much better on the economy. And the fact is that you know people like Paul Krugman said the economy would collapse and never recover under trump. It is the polar opposite of that. The economy is going places in the president doing things. That we were told by so many pundits. He was not capable of getting done a new NAFTA getting the USMC a forcing China to stop stealing our intellectual property, but he has made big steps in these efforts and has made some big victories has he not
Jeff Ferry: Yes, you're absolutely right. These trade agreements are great steps forward. They're very encouraging they indicate and a new attitude to trade where trade is supposed to help the US economy instead of cater to some globalist vision of the Worldwide activity

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