The chilly weather is finally here, and those leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall. If you're a Jackson area resident, you're probably wondering right now what you're going to do with those leaves. The city of Jackson is actually going to be able to help you out.

The City of Jackson is assisting their residents with their Bagged Leaf Pickup Program from October 26th till December 7th all across the city.

You can expect crews to start picking up bagged leaves that are placed along the curb during designated times, and will be picked up by United Waste, according to WILX.

The city is set to be sectioned into threes. There will be two pick up days during the time the city has the service available.

There are some specific requirements set in place by the city for the pickup. One of them is the leaves must be in a 30 gallon biodegradable paper leaf bags. Sticks, grass and flowers are items that will not be collected during this time.

You can find the sections and pick up schedule here.

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