Restaurants across the state are celebrating as they are now able to reopen and operate on a semi-normal basis and in Jackson, they are embracing the warm weather and outdoor seating!

While still having to account for spacing with social distancing guidelines and capacity limits, restaurants are calling back more of their staff.

The outdoor seating works as a great way to get some more people to come and increase how many people they can serve at once while still adhering to guidelines.

Justin Dalenberg from Jackson's Grand River Brewery told MLive about all of the different accommodations and changes they have made in order to keep staff and patrons safe.

While Grand River Brewery already had outdoor seating options, Dalenberg says they have renovated the kitchen for easier cleaning, spaced out existing tables and converted their event space to hold more people coming in to dine.

Mancino's of Jackson is fairly new to town but they have also jumped on the outdoor seating train as owner Kelly O'Neil says they will also be hosting live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Other local favorites like Knight’s Steakhouse and Grill and Bella Notte Ristorante have also been using outdoor seating as they have been reopening.

While not all Jackson restaurants have opened up yet, it is great to see there are options for those who want to get back to "normal" nights out to eat!

Many other restaurants around town, such as Klavon's in Vandercook, are still working on reopening and keeping people updated on when they will be back for dine-in service.

While I, myself, am still a bit uneasy about what going out to dinner will be like, I am excited! I love me a good outdoor patio dining experience and I can't wait to see how creative some of my favorite places to go back home are doing.

Before you choose to go to a "sit-down" restaurant, it would probably be best to give them a call or look into their guidelines of what they are expecting customers to follow! Will you have to wear a mask until you get your food? What about drinking? Those are just a few of the many questions that may or may not influence your decision to dine-in or take-out!

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