This abandoned middle school in Detroit stands as a haunting reminder of a once educational institution that has now succumbed to neglect and the passage of time.

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Once bustling with the laughter and excitement of young minds, the abandoned school now stands silent, its halls echoing only with the whispers of forgotten memories. Nature has claimed parts of the building.

Abandoned Andrew Jackson Middle School

Desks lie overturned, covered in a thick layer of dust, as if the students left in a hurry, never to return. The walls are littered with grafitit, and the floor is but all invisible as the building was left to rot.

Take a look at what now remains of this Jackson Middle School.

Look Inside This Abandoned Middle School In Jackson, Michigan

Take a look at what remains of the abandoned Jackson Middle School, below.
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I'm thankful for those who dare risk heading into these abandoned sites. While some are crumbling and filled with dangers around every corner, some are protected and watched constantly.
Without those willing enough to head to these sites, we'd never be able to get a view of the insides of many of these amazing abandoned buildings. 
There are a lot of Michigan schools left abandoned now, which is a surprise to me. Are they a decreasing number of children attending these schools, or are they just in areas that are not as populated as they once were here in Michigan. 

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