Greeting from Jacksonopolis? That was the original name for Jackson, Michigan.

Jackson County dates back to the early 1830s, named after the then-sitting president Andrew Jackson. In 1830 the seat of that county was set at the township of Jacksonopolis. The early 1800s must be the heyday of -polis cities with Indianapolis getting its name in 1820 and Metropolis, Illinois earning its name in 1839. Polis is Greek for city.

The Jacksonopolis name wouldn't last. 6 months after the naming of Jacksonopolis, the Michigan legislature approves a name change to Jacksonburg in February of 1831.

By 1857 the -burg had been dropped and the city of Jackson was incorporated as was then, as it is today, the seat of Jackson County.

Jacksonopolis and Jacksonburg Maps

These maps from the 1830s show the original names for Jackson

1830s michigan map
Via Michigan History, Past, Present And Future on Facebook
jacksonburg map
Library of Congress

The Jacksonopolis name lives on in the community based Jacksonopolis website and Facebook page. If you're looking for a lasting memory of Jacksonburg, a historical marker to the Jackonsburg Public Square is downtown while in rural St Joseph County where a Jacksonburg Road runs parallel to M-60, the main highway in the area to Jackson.

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