A trial is scheduled to begin today in Jackson County for a man who claims he killed his own son in self-defense.

MLive.com is reporting that 64 year-old Eldon Huffman is facing one count  of open murder in the death of  31 year-old Jared Huffman in January in the mobile home that the two shared in Spring Arbor Township.

The elder Huffman told police that his son attacked him, and that is when he pulled his weapon and shot him in the leg.  It was when Jarod Huffman began hobbling away toward his bedroom that Eldon Huffman said he feared he was going to get "his" gun and the father fired again "blindly."

The victim was struck in the head with the second shot and died the next day.

While defense attorneys will argue self-defense in the killing, prosecutors say there is no evidence of that.  They say the older Huffman showed no visible signs of injury to suggest his life was in danger when he fired his gun.

Witnesses are expected to testify that the father and son had frequent arguments and that the victim had undergone a mental evaluation.

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