In my opinion, April 8 should be a 1 PM or sooner dismissal across the board. That means any school that isn't on spring break needs to shut down early.


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What Is Happening On April 8th?

April 8, 2024, is when Michigan will be witnessing a near-total solar eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse Seen from Chile
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Detroit Free Press says that.

"Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth’s orbits, creating an eclipse of Earth’s view of the sun."


The solar eclipse will begin at 1:58 pm and reach maximum totality around 3:14 pm.

It should end with a final partial eclipse at 4:27 pm.

Total Solar Eclipse Sweeps Across Indonesia
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Why Michigan Schools Need To Dismiss Early On April 8?

Now the biggest issue is the timing of the eclipse, which is happening during the afternoon hours.

Rare Partial Solar Eclipse Is Viewed Around The UK
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

That means that the eclipse will be already happening during the usual 3 PM school dismissal time.

While some schools do let out at 2 PM, Michigan schools might want to consider pushing the dismissal time a little bit more.

You are probably thinking that this is not that big of a deal.

While you are partly correct, the kids will be in the building when it starts but once the kids are let out, the teachers and staff will not be responsible for keeping them safe.

If the kids look up at the sun during the eclipse without sun protection, that could damage their eyes.


ARPANSA says that,

"Exposing your eyes to the sun without proper eye protection during a solar eclipse can cause retinal burns (solar retinopathy). The retina has no sensitivity to pain, and since the effects of retinal damage may not appear for hours, there is no warning that an injury to your eye has occurred."

That is why I am thinking that Michigan schools dismiss early or keep the kids longer on April 8th.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Info for Various Michigan Cities

A total solar eclipse will darken the skies over Michigan on April 8, 2024. Weather permitting, here's what to expect the eclipse to look like over several Michigan cities.

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These Ohio Schools Are Closed Apr. 8th For Total Solar Eclipse

Tons of schools will not be operating, and some in a minimal fashion. Here are the Ohio school districts that plan on being closed completely on April 8th.

Indiana Schools Closed April 8th For Total Solar Eclipse

The following schools will be closed completely on April 8th for the Total Solar Eclipse.

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