Who wouldn't want a payday to bless their bank account right now?

What if your next money win was being tossed around at the bottom of your bag?

Let me share how it could be.

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Why Are Quarters Are A Potential Big PayDay?

First and foremost, I must thank the Couch Collectibles YouTube channel for blessing us all with this information.

The Couch Collectibles uploaded a video about some very common quarters that have some errors that could make the coin worth hundreds of dollars!


He shared multiple examples but I will share one of the many.

It is probably not hard to find a 2022 quarter with Washington on it in the state of Michigan.

Couch Collectibles

However, it is hard to find one with a flaw on it. That's where the big payday comes into play.

This error damaged it while they minted or made the quarter. The crack that is on the top of Washington's head might also appear on the back of this coin.

Couch Collectibles shared what this would look like.

Couch Collectibles

If you want to know how much you could potentially get for errors on coins, let me share some money facts with you.

This 25-cent coin was sold on eBay for around $300!

25 cents turned into $300!!!

Couch Collectibles said that you should look for the 2022 Sally Ride and 2022 Wilma Mankiller quarters!

Start checking your pockets, bags, and laundry baskets for some uncovered quarters and change.

Check out the video below.

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