Before you wash clothes this week, you may have a little issue.

Proctor & Gamble, one of the world's top consumer goods companies, has announced a recall of 8.2 million "defective bags" of some of your favorite household products.

Which products are causing issues for millions across the country?

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What Laundry Detergent Is Recalled In Michigan?

Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Ace Pods, and Ariel Pods are all being recalled across the country, including in Michigan.

  • Gain Flings Original
  • Tide Simply Pods Plus Oxi Boost
  • Gain Flings Moonlight Breeze Scent
  • Tide Pods Clean Breeze Scent
  • Gain Flings Blissful Breeze Scent
  • Tide Pods Free & Gentle
  • Gain Flings Spring Daydream Scent
  • Tide Pods Oxi
  • Gain Flings Plus Ultra Oxi
  • Tide Pods Ultra Oxi
  • Gain Flings Plus Odor Defense
  • Ace Pods Clean Breeze
  • Tide Pods Original
  • Ace Pods Spring Meadow
  • Tide Pods Spring Meadow Scent
  • Ariel Pods Alpine Breeze
  • Tide Pods Light

What is happening to cause this recall?

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Business Wire shared that the flexible film bag (the outer packaging) of the liquid detergent pods is meant to prevent the liquid from spilling out.

Business Wire
Business Wire

However, the packaging could split open and release the liquid.

This can cause serious injury and health risks for children and other vulnerable people if the liquid is consumed.

The recalled products were sold at the following places nationwide from September 2023 until the present day.

  • Big Lots
  • CVS
  • Family Dollar
  • Home Depot
  • Sam's Club
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

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What Should You Do If You Have A Recalled Product?

The company is asking for people to secure the recalled products out of sight and reach of children immediately!

Business Wire
Business Wire

You can contact Procter & Gamble to get a full refund and a free replacement child-proof bag to secure the product.

"Consumers should check to see if their bag is part of the recall by checking the lot code on their bag. Recalled lot codes will be listed at and can be found on the bottom of the bag package. Consumers with recalled bags can submit a photo of the recalled product, showing the lot code, to participate in the recall."


You could also get a cabinet lock to secure your laundry items.

You can read the full recall announcement for more details.

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