It's time to rep your area code!

Niche released the list of the best zip codes to live in Michigan.

Did your zipcode make the list? Did Grand Rapids make the list?

What Is The Purpose Of Zipcodes or Area Codes?

Used by the U.S. Postal Service, ZIP codes are a type of postal code that is utilized to route mail.

It was first introduced in 1963 by the Post Office Department in 1963.

Do you know what ZIP stands for? It stands for zone improvement plan.

But what's up with the number? How are they picked? What do they mean or stand for?

The first three digits of a ZIP code correspond to the central mail processing facility that sorts the mail.

The last two is how the mail is sorted and then later delivered to post offices.

What Are Michigan’s ‘Best’ Zip Codes?

According to's study that they released, the best zip code in Michigan is 48084, which is Troy, Michigan.

With 15,571 residents, the 48084 zip code is also number two for the best zip code for families in Michigan. It is also ranked number 5 for the best zip code with the best public schools in Michigan.

Besides the city of Troy, what are the other best zip codes to live in Michigan?

  1. 48084 - Troy (Population = 15,571)
  2. 48864 - Okemos (Population = 23,359)
  3. 48375 - Novi (Population = 23,933)
  4. 48098 - Troy (Population = 20,545)
  5. 48025  - Bingham Farms (Population = 14,813)
  6. 49506 - Grand Rapids area (Population = 33,877)
  7. 48009 - Birmingham (Population = 21,738)
  8. 48067 - Royal Oak (Population = 24,285)
  9. 48304 - Bloomfield Hills (Population = 17,425)
  10. 48374 - Novi (Population = 18,125)

Thank goodness! Grand Rapids made the list!

Which Michigan zip code do you think is the best? Do you agree with Niche's list?

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