There is always some sort of construction happening in Michigan.

While construction is supposed to make people's lives easier, this new design has people chuckling more.

Have you heard about Jackson County's new roundabout?

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Jackson's New Roundabout

Jackson County has opened a new 'roundabout.'

Jackson County Department of Transportation

I would say that the term 'roundabout' is used EXTREMELY loosely here.

MLIve says that

the single-lane roundabout is located at the Dearing and McCain roads intersection, near Western High School. It was constructed by the Jackson County Department of Transportation to improve the safety of the intersection.

What's The Reason For The Change?

MLive also shared the reasoning behind the design change for the roundabout.

Due to its formally "twisting design," a lot of crashes have occurred causing injuries and deaths, including the 2017 death of Autumn Coffey and her two children.

The peanut-shaped design was chosen for this roundabout because JCDOT was unable to purchase private property next to the roundabout and had to design around it, officials previously said. This roundabout cost around $700,408 from federal, state and safety grants from MDOT.

Reactions To New Roundabout

The unique shape is the part that is catching people's attention. According to the developers, it is supposed to be a peanut.


However, many people are seeing other things, including myself.


Adrienne Ann on Facebook says,

It's the Always Maxi Roundabout. It's best for heavy flow.

I can stop cackling!

Jackson County Department of Transportation

For those who do not know what a maxi pad is, here is your look at a feminine hygiene product.

Another Facebook user, Jessica-Marie Carpenter, says it looks like everyone's favorite terrible villain in Spongebob, Sheldon Plankton.


Besides the look, can we even consider this as a roundabout?

David Cox on Facebook seems to agree with my question as well.

So are we redefining what is round or are we redefining that a peanut is actually round?

What do you think the new roundabout looks like?

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