This may be the time that I join a gym!

Want to go on a gym date with drinks?

That may be a new normal for people at this Michigan gym.

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Is A Michigan Gym Allowing Alcohol To Be Served?

Have you heard of Life Time Fitness?

Well, the Rochester Hills location just received a major leg up compared to other gyms.

The city council just gave Life Time Fitness in Rochester Hills permission to serve alcohol in a 5-1 vote on Monday, April 8th!

Alcohol at the gym?! Does that defeat the purpose of the gym?

Even if does, I know this will be bringing new clients to the gym.

However, this is not the first time that the gym has sought a liquor license.

The city council rejected Life Time Fitness' 2017 liquor license application.


While there are plenty of people who are excited about this new alcoholic venture, Councilwoman Marvie Neubauer is the one who opposed the decision.

“I can’t support this. I’m OK with not being the cool kid. I’m not opposed to drinking. I’ve voted for many liquor license uses but I can’t do it for this.”

As a Life Time Fitness member, Neubauer opposed the license because the gym officials did not ask the members if they wanted alcohol to be served.

She states that the fitness gym has an on-site childcare area. Plus, children 12 years old and older are allowed to use the gym without parental supervision.

“It was zoned and designed for fitness. Alcohol does not go hand-in-hand with fitness.”

However, you would be mistaken if you thought this was a new thing.

70 Life Time Fitness gyms in 30 different states already have liquor licenses.

How do you feel about this gym getting its liquor license?

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