As an avid traveler, I have packing down to a science, especially as I prepare for my Panama trip.

On international trips, you need a lot more things packed in your suitcase than a domestic flight.

However, there are a bunch of items that you should leave at home because you will have issues at the airport if you bring them with you.

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TSA's "What Can I Bring" List

Most travelers are familiar with the rules for carry-ons to make sure they’re not the reason a security line slows down.

However, sometimes you can overlook or get confused about what can or cannot be put in a checked bag.


You do not want to have to stand there while the TSA agent throws away all of your expensive products because they cannot go on the plane.

I am sharing 19 of the items prohibited from checked luggage off the TSA’s website, but there are well over 50 items in total.

You can check the full list here. Take a peek at it so that your next trip out of GRR is an easy one!

19 Items Absolutely Banned from Checked Bags at the Grand Rapids Airport

You may be familiar with what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on. But how familiar with items banned from your checked luggage, according to the TSA?

Gallery Credit: Lisha B