Hey there, Midwesterners! Have you ever wondered why Sweetest Day seems to hold a special place in the hearts of folks in this part of the county? Maybe because we are the only ones that celebrate the pseudo-holiday.

If you lived on the East Coast it would be just another day but for those of us in Michigan, Sweetest Day is a holiday. Technically. This year Saturday, October 21st is Sweetest Day. Now, some will complain it's just another Hallmark holiday, but actually, Hallmark had nothing to do with it. It's the candy makers that can stake claim to creating the obscure holiday all in the name of trying to make a difference.

Here are 5 facts you may not know about Sweetest Day:

Sweetest Day is Always in October

Consider it a prelude to Halloween. Sweetest Day is never on the same day each year, but it is always the 3rd Saturday of October.

Candy Makers Created Sweetest Day to Help Others

Although the first Sweetest Day originated in October of 1916 as “Candy Day,” a promotion launched by the National Confectioner’s Association, the first Sweetest Day was held on October 21, 1921.  A group of candy makers known as The Sweetest Day in the Year Committee had a sweet plan. The goal of the committee was to hand out over 20,000 boxes of candy to "newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor" in Cleveland. The goal was to spread joy to those less fortunate.

It's Mostly a Midwestern Event

Outside of the Midwest, Sweetest Day is hardly known. Its popularity is mostly in Ohio, where it began, and through the surrounding Great Lakes region. Michigan, Illinois, Indiana,  Wisconsin, and some parts of Pennsylvania and New York celebrate, but it is catching on in other areas as well.

Sweetest Day Isn't Just for Lovers

While we tend to look at Valentine's Day as the holiday for lovers, Sweetest Day is about loving everyone. With the origin being about giving to those less fortunate, the holiday has become one of showing you care for everyone in your life from kids to parents and friends.

There's More Than Candy to This Day of Sweets

It may have started as a holiday revolving around candy, but everyone is in on the action now. Florists, jewelers, and more take advantage of the hype with sales and specials focused on the fall holiday. Oh, and Hallmark is all about selling the cards, even though it's not their holiday.

So why not embrace Sweetest Day with open arms, as it beautifully reflects the values and spirit of the Midwest? Let's spread love, kindness, and sweetness wherever we go, and remember that every day can be Sweetest Day in Michigan.

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