We can all agree that style is an expression of who we are and our taste in decor is just an extension of that. With that being said, sometimes I find myself thinking, "What in the hell were you thinking?".

After checking out this Detroit area home listed on Zillow, this is definitely one of those times.  Let's just say it takes uniqueness to a new decorating level. Let's just say this home in Detroit on West Grixdale, in Grixdale Farms, is openly described as "one of a kind". Big understatement, trust me.

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Currently on the market for $450,000, the home just had a price increase from $345,000. Yes, really. It is also described as being "articulated with painstaking attention to detail and mind-blowing decorative flair." Yeah....mind-blowing for sure. In my opinion, seeing is believing, and this is one home that needs to truly be seen to believe.

The home referred to as “Lion Gate Estate", is 3512 square feet and has three bedrooms, and four bathrooms. Filled with custom extras and additions, the home also offers a heated swimming pool with an outdoor shower and a cabana. Adding a little nod to the Motor City, the home has a custom two-car garage with hand-painted automotive murals that are actually really cool. There is also a large basement that has its own entertainment area as well, which is great for parties.

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So what makes this seemingly normal home so interesting? It's the decor. When you tour the home you can see that the owners have a real passion for Grecian design. Statutes, and we mean of all sizes, are just about everywhere. Countertops, corners, even at the foot of each bed. Statures and stuffed figures surround you everywhere. There is also a strong use of color and iron in other rooms, floor to ceiling, literally.

The living room resembles something the iconic Liberace would have had in his Las Vegas home. Completely done in white with a baby grand piano, I felt like I needed to spill a glass of red wine just to add some color. The stairway to the finished basement may have you questioning if you are entering a dungeon, but only to arrive in a full assortment of colored iron patio sets and an entertainment stage complete with Elvis. (We are pretty sure it's just a cutout, but who's to say).

I could go on, but you need to see it all yourself. Take a look at all the "Lion Gate Estate" has to offer below, and if you think you've found your dream home it can be yours contact the agent, Benjamin Ness, at Clyde Realty.

Ornate & Unique “Lion Gate Estate” Near Detroit Gives Full Liberace Vibes

Unique barely begins to describe this one-of-a-kind Grixdale Farms estate. Every aspect of “Lion Gate Estate” is interesting, to say the least. Each room is filled, and we mean filled, with accessories and this place is a home Liberace would love. From Grecian-inspired statues to the all-white living room complete with a baby grand piano, the home is decorated like nothing you have seen before. The home, which is just over 3500 square feet, comes with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a heated swimming pool with outdoor shower and cabana. There's even an Elvis-inspired Jungle Room. This is one you've got to see to believe.

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