Travel to any Midwest state and you'll immediately feel that extra something that makes a small town so charming. Sure the big city is great, but truth be told, you just can't beat an adorable small town filled with personality and uniqueness to call its own.

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Recently the and at Country Living highlighted those towns across the country are worth visiting. They compiled a list of the "50 Best Small Towns in America in Every State to Visit" that will have you ready to hit the road.

"From sea to shining sea, we've rounded up some of the best small towns in every state. With populations averaging 5,000 people or less, these communities offer unforgettable experiences to suit every taste, from adventurous outdoor excursions like whitewater rafting to premier antique shopping", Country Living wrote.

What is the Best Small Town in Michigan to Visit?

Although the entire list of 50 could be all Michigan small towns, one stood out the most to Country Living. Taking the title of the "best" was the adorable town of Petoskey.

Always a popular spot in the summer, Petoskey also draws a pretty good crowd during ski season as well. Country Living wrote, "From exploring ancient castles to splashing around Avalanche Bay, the state's largest indoor waterpark, families can make unforgettable memories no matter the season".

For me personally, the entire town is just a little bit of a Hallmark vibe sprinkled with history. You can't pass up a good Ernest Hemingway story when you grab a burger downtown at City Park Grill. Locals and bartenders will tell you all about the days that Hemingway would belly up to the bar and sit at his favorite spot.

There are also boutiques, quaint inns, and bed & breakfast spots that just add to making a visit to the charming lakeside destination an addition to your bucket list.

Get more information about all Petoskey has to offer at, and view the complete Country living list here. 

$18M Historic Randall's Point Walloon Lake Homestead

Currently offered for $18 million, making it one of the most expensive properties in the state, the compound comes with four cabins. Three of the cabins were built in the 1920s and the main log home was built in the 1970s. The original boathouse and barn remain. The homestead was founded by Bo Randall who was the founder of Randall Made Knives and a good friend of Ernest Hemingway who frequented the property for hunting. With over 5700 square feet of living space amongst the cabins, the compound is perfect for large families. A mix of modern and timeless history, this is truly a slice of Michigan history.

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