An Ann Arbor teacher is working with an attorney to reclaim her Bernedoodle, Gracie, allegedly taken by her principal.

According to teacher Lexi Fata's complaint found on her GoFundMe, she became the owner of the dog two years ago under the guise that Gracie would become the school's therapy dog. She began taking the Bernedoodle to school with her in January of 2023. Due to improper training allegedly arranged by the school's principal, Gracie developed behavioral issues that will keep her from ever becoming a certified therapy dog.

In March, Fata let her principal know she would be resigning when he allegedly became so enraged that he demanded she give Gracie back.

According to the complaint, Gracie had always exclusively lived with Fata. It also states that the principal had agreed, verbally and in writing, that the school had no ownership over the dog.

It has been a week since Gracie has been in the kindergarten teacher's care.

We have located Gracie but are unable to bring her home at this time. She does not have her food - which prevents her from developing pancreatitis, a life threatening condition - her medicine, her toys, her bed, or ANY of the love from myself, my boyfriend or our families.
Her GoFundMe reads.
Fata's GoFundMe goal is $20,000, all which will go towards legal fees in attempts to bring Gracie back home.
People from all over are rallying around Fata regarding her case.
Help bring my neighbors dog home! Wrongfully taken from her from a power hungry principal and not getting the care that she needs. Now a legal battle must ensue. Share share share!
one Facebook user wrote.

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