The Mammoth building is a former retail building on the southeast corner of Grand River Avenue and Greenfield Road in Detroit.

Built in 1949, the former Federal’s Department Store has sat vacant for over two decades with peeling paint and a crumbling exterior. Time has been less than kind to this once-thriving business in Detroit.

Detroit Unseen
Detroit Unseen

Due to its dangerous and deteriorating state, the city of Detroit declared last year that it had initiated legal action against the building's owner, compelling them to proceed with its demolition.

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According to WDIV, since March 2022, Detroit’s Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department (BSEED) have conducted eight inspections, which uncovered more than 80 violations and resulted in eight correction orders.

Detroit Unseen:

Mammoth Shopping Center aka Federal’s Department Store. Detroit, MI. Built in 1949. Designed by noted architect Charles N. Agree, the building featured an Art Deco tower with a clock underneath the logo. It was originally built as a Federal’s but then served as Mammoth Shopping Center for many years. It’s been abandoned since 2001. Photos Circa 2011.

In 2023 there were talks of revitalizing the Mammoth building. The plans involve building 100 modern apartments to enhance the residential atmosphere. The design also sets aside 80,000 square feet for retail spaces, creating a lively economic hub for both residents and visitors. It's unclear at the moment where the project stands.

Thanks to Detroit Unseen, we're able to explore the Mammoth building's interior.

Urban exploring can be dangerous and in some cases, it's illegal. Urban exploring should only be done with the permission of the owner.

Abandoned 1949 Mammoth Department Store in Detroit

Built in 1949, the Mammoth building started as the Federal Department Store, a vital part of the community. Over the years, different owners like Kingsway Department Stores and Mammoth Department Store shaped its history.

The doors officially closed in 2001 and it's been empty ever since.

Gallery Credit: Detroit Unseen

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