Clubbing, in general, seems to be a lost art these days. As a 90s kid, who grew up on trashy reality TV, all I ever wanted when I grew up was as iconic of a club rat experience as they had on Jersey Shore.

But once I hit 18-years-old in 2016, clubs were hardly even a thing. I can recall one club I could get into ahead of 21, and it closed after just a few years. But it seems that my colleagues that were teens in the 80s and 90s had a completely different experience.

Social media influencer, and fellow club-lover, Tinx agrees.

Michigan Teen Clubs You Probably Forgot About

Club La Boom, Walled Lake

Per an old MetroTimes article, Club La Boom was a teen dance club for those ages 15-19. Now, from a quick Zillow search of the address, it's a car dealership lot.

Wired Frog, Eastpointe

Seems like an old favorite. Located on Gratiot, it served as a coffee bar by day and a nightclub at, well, night.

"When I was a teenager The Wired Frog on Gratiot was the place to go out to see live music. I was too young to get into a lot of the local bars that played music, but old enough to get a crappy coffee and watch the bands at The Wired Frog. Some of the most iconic shows if my life happened within those walls"

Detroit Local artist Terry Peake said in an interview with Hip in Detroit.

Clutch Cargos, Pontiac 

This one shut down in November of 2013 after being a club and concert venue for about 20 years. The cool thing about this one? It was inside of an old church.

According to CBS News, a donor bought the building to return it to its original purpose of being a place of worship, launching a $2 million fundraising campaign to restore the building to become the new home of Grace Gospel Fellowship church.

Alcatraz, Sterling Heights 

One thing about me, I LOVE a themed party. They were my favorite part of college. Reading about this bar has given me major FOMO.

It was a total find a girl make out for 2 hours and then go home kind of place.

One Redditor said.

More Reddit comments relived the bar's jail-theme and how'd they'd make their party-goers inmate cards as form of ID.

If you want to go further down the clubbing/rave Metro-Detroit rabbit hole this article does a great job.

Are There Any Teen Clubs (18+) Left in Michigan?

Sure. I'm just not certain they're as popular as they once were.

Elektricity, Pontiac

This seems to be the one that I can find that was popular then and now.

Our mission? Bringing the bass. It's covered in paint, foam, and confetti. It's not just electric. It's alive.

their Yelp page says.

Taking a look at their events page, they have plenty of shows to check out this summer.

Best Dance Clubs in Detroit According to ME (21+)

I'll be honest, when I go out, it'll likely be in Detroit. I love to dance, so room to do so is a must.

Here are my top favorite spots in the city if you want to live out your club rat fantasy for a night:

  • TV Lounge (my absolute favorite!)
  • Deluxx Fluxx
  • 3Fifty Terrace

Why Aren't Teens and Young Adults Clubbing Anymore?

By the close of 2023, GlobalData reported a one-fifth increase in the proportion of Gen Z individuals intending to reduce socializing with friends beyond their homes.

Timeout did a series of interviews, finding that rising costs of fake IDs and alcohol at bars is keeping the youngsters inside. Not only are the youth money-conscious, but specific about how they spend their time, too.

The article notes an uptick in day parties and pre-midnight concerts. With the prominence of the #MeToo movement, reliable transportation, consent, and safety are at the forefront of teens minds.

Basically, teens today are smart and prefer a night that's all under their own control.

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