I have a dad in my household. So that means that lawn care is taken pretty seriously in my household.

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He dons his headphones, sunglasses, and New Balance sneakers during the spring, summer, and fall months to make sure that our lawn is staying crisp and trim.

However, when the months begin to get colder and colder, and fall gives way to winter, when should you stop mowing your lawn?

Mowing Season in Michigan

When it comes to when to stop mowing your lawn in Michigan, you really have to roll with the punches.


Michigan weather is pretty erratic. I mean, I remember times trick-or-treating with a winter coat on, and other times sweating in my costume.

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With this in mind, let's take a look at when the typical mowing season is for Michigan.

When Should You Stop Mowing Your Lawn in Michigan?

Depending on the weather and general temperature, you're going to be mowing your lawn about once a week during the on season. For Michigan, that can range anywhere from mid April to early June.

Once the chill really sets in, like sometime in October or November, that's when mowing should decrease, maybe every other week. And once the temperatures consistently stay below 50 degrees, you're good to pack away the mower for the winter.

However, at the end of the day, all of that goes out the window once the snow sticks to the ground. And really, just use your best judgement.

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