Alright, fellow Michiganders, let's talk about roundabouts. The Sinas Dramis Law Firm says those circular wonders that have been spinning us around since 1996, courtesy of the Oakland County Road Commission. But despite having them for 26 years, some drivers still act like they're lost in a maze. I've had folks coming at me head-on, thinking they're in some kind of NASCAR race. But let's not dwell on the chaos; let's sprinkle some wisdom on this situation.

Love 'em or loathe 'em, roundabouts are like that necessary evil in our driving lives. They're the superhero of intersections, slashing fatal crashes and injuries by a whopping 78 - 82%, as per the U.S. Department of Transportation. Impressive, right?

How to Properly Use a Roundabout

Now, let's get down to brass tacks – how the heck do we tackle these circular puzzles? According to our pals at the Michigan Department of Transportation, it's a bit of a dance:

  1. Choose Your Lane: Pick your path wisely before diving in.
  2. Yield, Darling, Yield: Let the traffic already in the roundabout have their moment.
  3. Watch for Pedestrians: They're people too, waiting to cross.
  4. Signal Your Exit: Let folks know when you're planning to make your grand exit.
  5. Follow the Signs: They're not just there for decoration, you know.

Oh, and here's a golden nugget from yours truly: Please, for the love of all things Michigan, don't stop in the middle of a roundabout to play the role of traffic director. It's not polite; it's downright dangerous. Keep on truckin' until you find your exit.

Do You Have to Use a Turn Signal in a Roundabout in Michigan?

And now, the million-dollar question: Do you have to use your blinker in a roundabout? You betcha! It's essential for avoiding confusion and collisions. So, next time you're swirling around in that circular frenzy, remember to signal and then exit gracefully. You got this, Michigan!

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