2024 is going to bring about a lot of change in Michigan.

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So far, we've already seen Michigan's wage increase on January 1st. And we'll see a bunch of other new laws go into effect in the next couple of months here too. Laws involving background checks for guns and a gun ban for domestic violence abusers, expansions to LGBTQIA+ protections, the end of right-to-work, and others.

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One law in particular has Michigan moving towards more green energy usage. The new legislation will help Michigan strive towards 100% clean energy by 2040.

Besides Michigan's own legislature working towards a greener future, it seems like we're getting a bit of guidance from the federal level as well.

New 'Final Rule' Will Affect Michigan Refrigerators

According to Bloomberg Law, just before the end of 2023, the federal government came down with a widespread ruling about refrigerators, freezers, and combos;

The Biden administration announced a final rule on Friday that imposes stricter energy efficiency standards for residential refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerator-freezers, promising savings and environmental benefits.

The feds have come down with these energy-efficient rulings before, most recently with the ban on incandescent lightbulbs (yes, that applies to Michigan, too).

Not to worry though, the "green police" aren't going to come knocking on your door demanding you turn over your non-energy efficient refrigerator. And you don't have to run out and buy a new one. This final rule will only apply to new models being sold in stores moving forward.

So, in the meantime, make as much use of your current fridge/freezer as possible.

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