There's a new vehicle on the roads that's getting a lot of attention, and one has been spotted in the greater Lansing area. Perhaps you've heard of it... it's called the Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck is made by Tesla, and the website boasts that the Cybertruck is "durable and rugged enough to go anywhere." And if you haven't seen it, it's certainly unique looking...

And this unique vehicle has been spotted driving around the greater Lansing area quite a bit recently. Which is very interesting, because it seems that there are very few models of this vehicle actually on the road.

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Tesla hasn't released specific sales figures per model, but there's currently a recall for "every Cybertruck built so far", and according to those numbers, Tesla has delivered 3,878 Cybertrucks between December 2023 through April 4th, 2024. These numbers make the sighting of a Cybertruck in Lansing a pretty rare one.

Here are some pictures of the Cybertruck out in the wild.

Jamie Curtis via Facebook
Jamie Curtis via Facebook

Jamie Curtis spotted the Cybrertruck in Okemos.

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Jack Edward Martinez 1 via Facebook
Jack Edward Martinez 1 via Facebook

Jack Edward shared that the Cybertruck stopped by Motorcars of Lansing.

It's certainly quite the sight.

Stories of the Cybertruck Out on the Road

If you haven't heard much of the Cybertruck, it seems that there is much controversy surrounding it. Some people absolutely love theirs. Others, however, have run into a great deal of issues, including ones of safety.

One Tesla own had to go to the hospital after they sliced their wrist on the Cybertruck. And the reason for the recall is because a design defect in the accelerator could cause the pedal to get stuck.

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