Here we snow again? Maybe not.

After a relatively mild winter as far as the calendar was concerned, Mother Nature continues to tease us with a few early April snowflakes.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Forecasters are focused on a storm system that could bring parts of Michigan some light snow accumulations Wednesday and Thursday, but as usual, there's disagreement among them as to how much (if any) snow the region will actually get.

What AccuWeather Is Saying

For the most part, AccuWeather meteorologists have backed off of thinking some parts of Mid-Michigan could see as much as three inches of snow through Thursday. They are still holding out the possibility for lighter accumulations in some areas.

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They're still predicting places like Howell and Marshall might not see any significant accumulation at all.

What the National Weather Service Is Saying

The National Weather Service now thinks a few of us may see up to a tenth of an inch at best, with most locations expecting little to no snow at all during this event. NWS forecasters believe we're probably more likely in for a cold off-and-on rain in most places, with a few wet snowflakes mixed in.

What Local TV Meteorologists Are Saying

WILX News 10 Chief Meteorologist Darrin Rockcole doesn't think this one's likely to be a big deal either:

We see widely scattered rain showers and it may be just cold enough for a few snowflakes in the mix, too.

Shoeprints in snow
Photo via robertiez

So, how much snow can your town expect? We compare the official forecasts from AccuWeather and the National Weather Service for nearly three dozen Mid-Michigan localities below.


updated at 5:30am on 4/3/24

Bath  < 1"  Little to none 
Charlotte  0-2" Little to none
DeWitt 0-2"Little to none 
Durand1-3"Little to none 
Eagle  < 1" Little to none
East Lansing < 1"Little to none 
Eaton Rapids  0-2" Little to none
Elsie  < 1"Little to none 
Fowlerville  0-2" Little to none 
Grand Ledge  < 1" Little to none 
Haslett  0-2"Little to none 
Holt  0-2" Little to none
Howell  Little to none Little to none 
Ionia  0-2" Little to none
Jackson  Little to none Little to none
Laingsburg  < 1"Little to none 
Lansing  0-2" Little to none 
LeslieLittle to noneLittle to none
Marshall  Little to none Little to none
Mason  < 1” Little to none 
Nashville  0-2" Little to none
Olivet  < 1” Little to none
Onondaga  Little to none Little to none
Ovid  < 1" Little to none 
Owosso  1-4" Little to none 
Perry  < 1" Little to none
Portland  0-2" Little to none 
Potterville  0-2” Little to none
St. Johns  < 1" Little to none 
Stockbridge  Little to none Little to none
Vermontville  0-2" Little to none
Webberville  0-2” Little to none 
Westphalia  0-2" Little to none 
Williamston  0-2” Little to none

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