The state of Michigan currently has a gas tax of 28.6 cents. And because of a law signed during Governor Rick Snyder's term, we'll see "The rate increase is either 5% each year or the rate of inflation."

Michigan Looking at Replacing Gas Tax

However, with the use of electric vehicles on the rise, ABC12 News reports that the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is looking to possibly replace the gas tax. 

It makes sense; the number of people paying a gas tax goes down with more people having electric vehicles. However, the wear and tear on the roads would remain relatively the same, as the number of drivers on the road wouldn't change.

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Before any decisions are made, Michigan is planning "to spend $5 million on a survey about a new road usage charge system. That includes asking if people would be willing to install a GPS mileage tracker in their vehicles."

Michigan Considering Mileage-Based System or Tolls Roads to Replace Gas Tax

A GPS tracker would allow for a mileage-based system to be put into place. However, I doubt that many people would be open to the idea of giving the government access to a GPS mileage tracker that was installed in their vehicles.

But, this is the only solution to the funding problem. MDOT is also looking at the possibility of toll roads.

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Hopefully, MDOT lands on a solution sooner rather than later, because Michigan roads are in desperate need of repair. Too often I accidentally hit a pothole that is way larger than expected and say a little prayer to make sure my car makes it through okay.

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