The Food Network's Guy Fieri has brought his show "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" to Michigan more than a dozen times.

One of his favorite stops in the state is changing things up.

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If you haven't been to Lansing's Meat BBQ recently, they're spicing things up with some new menu items. (Don't worry - they've still got all your favorites.)

Hansel Fries at Meat BBQ in Lansing
Photos via Canva and JR, Townsquare Media Lansing

Meat BBQ's New "Hansel Fries"

What the heck are "Hansel Fries"? They're one of the newest additions to the menu at Meat BBQ.

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If you've tried Meat BBQ's fries, you know you're already starting with good stuff. Now top them with Black Magic (the restaurant's own sweet and smoky sauce) dressed pork, pepper jack cheese, house pickled red onions, chipotle aioli, and a runny egg. The menu adds "Hansel so hot right now" - a reference to Will Ferrell's line about Owen Wilson's character in Zoolander.

Hansel Fries from Meat BBQ in Lansing
Photo via Facebook (Meat BBQ)

Not sure I'm here for the runny egg, but the rest looks absolutely delicious.

Meat BBQ's New "Lemmy Burger"

So named in honor of the late cowboy-hat wearing leader of the band Motorhead, Meat BBQ's "Lemmy Burger" is a little more my speed.

Lemmy Burger at Meat BBQ in Lansing
Photos via Canva and JR, Townsquare Media Lansing

Take a couple smash patties, add bacon and cheddar cheese, then top all that with onion rings and BBQ sauce. Sounds like the ultimate bacon cheeseburger to me.

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Guy Fieri hasn't back to Lansing for a while, but we're thinking he'd approve of the new offerings Meat BBQ just unveiled.

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