It's about to be that time again. Literally.

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The time of year where we "spring forward" because Daylight Saving Time begins again soon. Meaning that all Michiganders get the displeasure of turning our clocks back by an hour.

Daylight Saving Time

I say displeasure for a couple of reasons.

  1. I hate "losing" that hour of sleep, I barely get enough sleep as it is.
  2. My pets do not understand that dinner time has technically changed. But as least the animals aren't as annoying as when we "fall back" and they have to wait to eat dinner.

Currently, Michigan is on Standard Time—Eastern Standard time for the most part, however there are some parts of Michigan's Upper Peninsula that observe Central Standard Time.

When Do We "Spring Forward" in 2024?

Here is when we officially "spring forward" into Daylight Saving Time:

Sunday, March 10th at 2 am.

Now, if you've got a smart phone, or any "smart" technology for that matter, the time change will take care of itself. However, there are still plenty of clocks you might need to turn forward an hour when you wake up. Things like your stove/oven, old school alarms clock, regular old wall clock, and, most importantly, the coffee maker. You do not want your coffee maker to be set to the wrong time come Monday morning and you're coffee isn't waiting for you like normal.

After a few days or weeks, everyone will get used to the time change. I've got just one thing to say about that... Can we just stop observing Daylight Saving Time to begin with? It's jokingly called the "Devil's Delay" for a reason.

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