Arguably, there is no bad time to take a vacation here in Michigan. While the summer months are nice and bring warmer temperatures and the beaches, the winter months as well as fall offer a different kind of beauty across Michigan.

So, why wouldn't you take a vacation in December, July, or February here in Michigan?

Best Bed & Breakfast Destination Here in Michigan

In a recent release from Coventry Direct, a Michigan city just landed it's names as one of the best for a Bed & Breakfast Vacation here in Michigan.

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There were fifteen cities in total that made the list of the best places to stay at a Bed and Breakfast across the country. Of those numbers, a Michigan city just recently found themselves in the top 10!

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Ranking in the Top 5 positions were:

  1. Madison, CT
  2. Porsmouth, New Hampshire
  3. Malibu, California
  4. Potomac, Maryland
  5. Kennebunkport, Maine

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Best Bed and Breakfast Destination in Michigan: Traverse City

If you're looking for an amazing experience in Michigan, we've got you covered. Our Northern part of the state is some of the oldest occupied in the entire country. With that being said too, there's a lot of cool things to check out.

Traverse City, Michigan offers a ton of different restaurants, bars, as well as B&B to stay at. Plus, how can we forget about the yearly Cherry Festival that happens in Northern Michigan?

Next time you book your Northern Michigan escape, make sure it is in Traverse City.

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Eight Notable People With Ties to Traverse City, Michigan

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