Just what is Michigan’s youngest county?
First off, the oldest is Wayne, founded in 1796.
The youngest is Dickinson, formed almost 100 years later in 1891.

Dickinson’s claim to fame comes from the lumber and mining businesses. Between the 1840s and 1851, traces of iron ore were discovered in the area. In 1866, the Breen brothers began lumbering.

In 1873, (before it became Dickinson County), the area made its place in the history books when one of the fattest iron ore stashes in the entire world was discovered. Iron Mountain mines got busy and shipped their first cargo of ore in 1877. The origin of this extensive ore cache is now called the Menominee Iron Range, and 'Dickinson County' thereby transformed around it in 1891 (named after attorney and postmaster general Donald Dickinson), becoming Michigan’s last-formed county.

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Aside from the excellent fishing, wildlife, and landscapes, the Chapin Mine draws the curious as well, and Pine Mountain holds title to the world’s highest artificial ski jump.

Now that you now know what Michigan’s youngest county is, plan a visit – but first take a look at the gallery below, with images throughout Dickinson County that range from 1900 to the 1940s...

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