For a career as a criminal, you'd have to do some pretty spectacular crimes, or at least repeat the simplest crimes over and over again. For example, any criminologist knows the names John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie & Clyde, Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, Bugsy Siegel, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ma Barker.....even Jack the Ripper.

But there are many, many other lesser-known criminals, and some that time has completely forgotten.

The gallery below features these criminals from over 100 years ago:
JAY BULLOCK from Kalamazoo County
WILLIAM HARRIS from Jackson County
FRANK KIMMEL from Wayne County
LEONARD LILEY, who described himself as being from "all over", keeping his hometown secretive
WALTER WILSON from Jackson County

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They all listed occupations, some even decent-paying jobs - so it makes one wonder why they would go to the trouble of breaking the law, getting discovered, arrested, and incarcerated? Seems that the younger they are, the more gullible they are to get roped into committing crimes. The older guys could've been either desperate for money for the family  or just looking for a way to make an easy buck.

Unfortunately, these types of crimes still linger well into the 21st Century. Sure, crime doesn't pay, but it will never stop.

Do you think any of the following criminals from Michigan ever desired to become as famous as the previously-mentioned famous outlaws?

Seven Michigan Criminals That Time Forgot

If notoriety is what these seven men wanted, maybe they finally achieved their goal.

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