I guess there are some people who are curious, as it may help in planning your roadtrip – especially if you're traveling with someone who has a weak bladder.

What do many people do while roadtrippin'? We're drinking, that's what. Coffee, pop, water...and beer for the non-drivers. All that fluid starts to fill your bladder to capacity – and it does not help matters any when you're on a highway and you see a sign that says “next rest stop 40 miles”. So you start looking and feeling around for an empty cup or can. Oops...can't find one. Pull over and go alongside the road? No, not on one of our major highways. You may get away with it down a side road, dirt road, or less traveled road...but on an interstate or freeway – forget it.

That said, according to michiganrestareas.com, here are the Michigan highways and interstate rest stops:

I-275 south has one.
M-28 has one.
US-41 has two.
US-23 north and south has three.
US-2 has four.
US-31 north and south has four.
US-127 north and south has five.
US-131 north and south has five.
I-69 east and west has seven.
I-96 east and west has ten.
I-94 east and west has eleven.
I-75 north and south has twenty-one.

Even with 21 rest stops on I-75, they are far enough between where you may find yourself traveling 30 or 40 miles with your legs crossed. But fear not – there are plenty of exits where you can go relieve yourself in a gas station or convenience store.

The Ohio Turnpike is a piece of hell all its own – 40 miles between rest stops and no exits for service stations or party stores.

Michigan Rest Stops


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