I've written quite a few articles about many, many sites throughout Michigan that are believed, or rumored to be haunted.

Ghosts and hauntings are all in the minds of the beholders. Some people believe, some scoff, and some know there's something unexplainable in the ethereal world.

I get asked questions like “what's the most haunted this, that, place, house, etc...” One question that intrigued me was “what's the most haunted Michigan county?” There are articles on Michigan's Most Haunted City, Michigan's Most Haunted Place, and Michigan's Most Haunted Lake...but County? That took a little research.

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The consensus is: The Most Haunted Michigan County (not including the Upper Peninsula – that will come later) is Wayne. It makes sense, since Detroit is one of our oldest cities and plenty has happened there over the centuries.

There are WAYYY too many to mention, but some of Wayne County's most notorious 'hauntings' include the Eloise Asylum, Fort Wayne, Knock-Knock Road, Whitney Restaurant, William Ganong Cemetery, Soop Cemetery, Werewolf of Grosse Pointe, Witch of Belle Isle, Denton Road, Henry Ford's Butler (you can read about all of them within the links in the photo gallery below), and on and on and on. Many famous ghost tales, and plenty of minor ones that have sent chills thru Michiganders for decades.

Take a look at some of these Wayne County hauntings – just a tip of the iceberg of the hundreds of hauntings in that county...

Wayne County Hauntings


The Haunting of McMorran Place

Haunted Avondale Cemetery, Flint

Haunted Oak Parks: Charlotte & Lansing