One of NETFLIX's most popular original reality shows is casting for a new season, and they are looking for people in the state of Michigan who are looking for love and their 15 minutes of fame.  Oh, you're going to have to get engaged because the show "Love is Blind" has a unique twist on the popular dating reality show genre.

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Love is Blind is a reality show about singles interacting without seeing the other person. Only once a couple is engaged can they finally see each other and immediately move in together. You might be the next 'Love is Blind' star.

How Michigan Hopefuls Can Audition For NETLIX's 'Love is Blind'


If you're considering auditioning, you'd better have a few hours of free time. The online process has a bunch of questions you have to answer and provide links to all of your social media. If this is anything like the exams you took in a Michigan school, you may want to put some thought into a few of the over 60 questions.

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What has your Michigan love life lacked emotionally? What about finding 'love in the pod' excites you most? What's your relationship with alcohol? Those are just a few of the inquiries you'll have to reply to, as well as provide a 15-second video telling those casting the show why you should be a Michigander they should choose to be on Love is Blind.


If you're ready to give up a few hours and start the audition process for Love is Blind, go to or click here. The site is unclear as to whether or not the season they are casting will be filmed in Michigan, but there are plenty of great spots to film throughout the state.

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Maybe a lighthouse or Mackinac Island date?

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