Most people in Michigan don't pay attention to porch light colors and if they do, they might assume that it's a holdover from a holiday. That may be the case for other colors, but if you've passed a home with a green light shining bright, there's a deeper meaning behind it.


Picture this: a green porch light illuminating the night, not just as a regular light, but as a symbol of appreciation and respect.

Decoding the Meaning Behind Michigan's Green Porch Lights

It's Time to Start Using All GREEN Porch Lights in Michigan

Green symbolizes and embodies hope, renewal, and all-around good vibes for those who associate feelings with color. But for whom are the vibes being sent? These beacons of support usually appear on Veterans Day, as a way of showing our support for those that have served in the military.

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Some families opt to keep the illuminated green symbol up year-round to show that they appreciate the service of Michigan's military Vets. Imagine being someone who served and driving on a road lined with green showing how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice.

Greenlighting Michigan's Veteran's 101

It's Time to Start Using All GREEN Porch Lights in Michigan

Showing your support for those who have served in the military is easy: buy a green light, put it in your front porch sconce or light, and turn it on. While you'll be showing you care, you may also have an opportunity to start a discussion about the importance of supporting those who have served.

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Keeping your green light lit throughout the year shows our military Vets that we appreciate their service, not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day, but 365 days a year. If you do switch out your bulbs, make sure you snap a picture and post it on your socials using #GreenLightaVet, and see if we can get Michigan to go green for military veterans.

Abandoned Port Austin Air Force Base

Remains of Kincheloe Air Force Base

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