It’s something that we all do, especially when the jackpot for the Michigan lottery starts to grow. We sit around and daydream about what we would do if we ran into a situation where we won the lottery. We daydream about how we would spend the money, how we would use it, and how we would invest it, and then become overcome with the crippling and depressing reality that most of us never will.

But there may be a shortcut that I stumbled on. That may help you get closer to winning the jackpot than before. There’s a website I came across that updates every time a new drone takes place that shows the most winning numbers that are drawn and some of the best combinations between numbers. The website gives the following information.

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A comprehensive set of Lotto 47 statistics has been compiled for you to analyze and enjoy. You'll find a range of tables and graphs below, showing everything from the most frequently drawn numbers to the most overdue, and even common pairs and triplets. You may even want to use these statistics to help you when you are thinking about which numbers to enter in the next drawing.

Here are the best numbers  to pick for Lotto 47 according to the Michigan Lottery website:

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