Traverse City is like my home away from home, so when there’s heavy drama going on in the community I just so happened to stumble into, it can catch me by surprise. Recently in the Overheard in Traverse City group, some heavy drama is starting to unfold involving Williams Chevrolet and a resident of Traverse City. The man’s name is Keith Hammond, and he even went as far as spray painting William Chevy on the side of a truck with a sign that reads "the worst customer experience I’ve ever had," to see on the side of the road.

The former customer made accusations about the staff and in a shocking move the dealership responded in a Facebook post that has since been deleted. However, according to screenshots, the dealership went on a very long-winded rant and verbatim called the customer a liar multiple times.
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This has prompted dozens of people to come forward about their negative experiences with the dealership since this drama started to unravel. As mentioned before, the dealership has since deleted that post and replaced it with an even longer post talking about how they strive to be the best every day.

Dealership Standing Up For Themselves

But in the post, they are not backing down from their claims that the customer lied about their entire experience, saying:
When our integrity was being questioned to that extent, we took the opportunity to clarify the events in the previous post. We acknowledge that we took down the prior post so that we can all move forward together.

What's all the Fuss About?

So in summation, the dealership has not issued an apology to Mr. Hammond, who continues to stand by his word that when he took the truck in to get the valve body fixed, was instead was sold a new transmission.
He claims the dealership told him that if anything goes wrong, he can bring it back in and they would fix it. He then says a few months later the truck needed a new transmission and according to their service team, they would not be honoring the word he claims they gave him. Talk about a mess, but it sounds like there's either gonna be a solution to the issue, or the dealership will continue to get pelted with bad reviews.

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