People are always spotting strange things in and above Lake Michigan. There have been multiple reports of UFOs over the Lake's waters, and a number of strange sea creatures like sharks, alligators, and even whales.

Lake Michigan isn't without its mythical creatures, too, like the Great Horned Serpent, according to many indigenous tribes. They also claim to see Underground Panthers, Thunderbirds, The Great Fish, and even Little People within its waters. But what about Mermaids? Is this the first time anyone has reportedly seen a Mermaid in Lake Michigan?

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I saw a video come across my feed the other day that seemed a bit odd. It claimed it was shot in Lake Michigan, somewhere up a little further to the north, but didn't give a specific location. The caption on TokTok read "I found a mermaid!" with the accompanying video, and sure enough, it LOOKS like something similar to a Mermaid, swimming through the waters of lake Michigan.


@oceanio_tiddler #greenscreenvideo "I found a mermaid!" Here's a video of me approaching the shore before a mermaid meet-and-greet (and storytime) at a local Michigan beach. Mermaid Phantom is the only character I use for kid's events, since the other characters are a bit scarier in nature (and the tails are more delicate, so I don't like having them in the sand for long). This tail, Sparda, is my workhorse. He's so sturdy and is capable of withstanding abrasive sand and rough kids, lol #Mermaid #mermaids #mermaiding #themagiccrafter #professionalmermaid #mermaidphantom #michiganmermaid ♬ original sound - The Magic Crafter

I think I watched the video a couple dozen times before I noticed the water mark in the lower left corner that said "Video by The Magic Crafter," so I decided to look it up, and sure enough, THERE ARE MERMAIDS IN LAKE MICHIGAN!

... sort of.

"The Magic Crafter" is actually a content creator who goes by "Phantom." They do live in northern Michigan, and their whole youtube channel is dedicated to them, and other individuals, dressing up as mermaids, and swimming in Lake Michigan.

It's actually REALLY cool, and they even visit a few shipwrecks in their full getups. Phantom does say she's a professional mermaid, and when she's not swimming herself in Lake Michigan, she's teaching other people how to swim.

She also makes crafts, and can be hired to perform at select events.

So in answering our original question, YEAH, there really are mermaids in Lake Michigan, and their name is Phantom.

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