A Kalamazoo tattoo artist has pulled in over a million views as he walks us through his most complicated tattoos on TikTok.

Rogelio Almaguer is a tattoo artist based out of Kalamazoo.  Almaguer has done it all from tattoos of beloved pets to complicated tattoos with religious symbolism.  Rogelio has also done a pretty cool Avengers tattoo recently.  He goes by @manifoldartstudio on TikTok where he has 27 thousand followers and 308.2 thousand total video likes.

Manifoldartstudio's most viewed video demonstrates how he prepares his stencils.  This video has been viewed 532.7 thousand times with 157 thousand likes.

This giant chest tattoo pulled in 291.3 thousand views and 14.7 thousand likes making it his second most viewed TikTok.

In this video, Manifold Art Studio is putting together a complicated back tattoo.  This TikTok has been viewed 238 thousand times with 23.2 thousand likes.

Speaking of complicated back tattoos, this one is amazing.  This TikTok has been viewed 165.2 thousand times with 22.8 thousand likes.

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